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The Wall of Fate - Koei

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 The Items Shop

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PostSubject: The Items Shop   Sun Oct 04, 2009 2:55 pm

Annals and Essays are used to increase your INT stat. You can buy multiple items at once without waiting for anything.

To buy items you need gold (of course Smile)

Items (+INT):

Chun Qiu Annals- (+5) 8000 gold
Grand Histories- (+5) 8000 gold
History of the Han- (+3) 4000 gold
Warring States- (+3) 4000 gold
Master Lu's Chun Qiu- (+2) 2500 gold
Chun Qui of Wu Yue- (+2) 2500 gold
Tales of Great Women- (+1) 1000 gold
Masters of the Huai Nan- (+1) 1000 gold

Commentary- (+2) 2500 gold
Treatise on Chance- (+2) 2500 gold
Treatise on Policy- (+2) 2500 gold
Treatise on Society- (+2) 2500 gold
Treatise on Time- (+2) 2500 gold
Classic of Filial Piety- (+1) 1000 Gold
Treatise on Magic- (+1) 1000 Gold
Treatise on Seasons- (+1) 1000 Gold
Treatise on War- (+1) 1000 Gold
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The Items Shop
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