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 Horses' Stables

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PostSubject: Horses' Stables   Sun Oct 04, 2009 2:58 pm

Horses have many advanatges; a companion for one and another is wen in battle, you move more than eithout and also, it increases the chance to escape.

Although, they do not come cheap Very Happy

August Rush - 10000 gold
Autumn Spirit - 10000 gold
Brown Beauty - 10000 gold
Firefly - 10000 gold
Firestar- 10000 gold
Flowing River - 10000 gold
Four Wheeler-10000 gold
Gray Lightning- 10000 gold
Grey Sky - 10000 gold
Hex Mark- 10000 gold
Lian's Pride- 10000 gold
Pale Stallion- 10000 gold
Quicksilver - 10000 gold
Red Hare- 10000 gold
Shadow Runner- 10000 gold
Stout Runner- 10000 gold
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Horses' Stables
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